Thursday, May 5, 2011



As a retreating sun shine
Between gloom stricken grey Sky
And scorching Earth.

In the heat lingering summer roofs
Hibernating in rigid hard shell…!
When-so-ever a nuclear diffusion occurred
In the memories of bleak scenes.

Remembrance ..

In the sweetish childhood memories
In the blooming weedy foliages of teenage.
When dozing in the cool shades
Beneath the green teakwood trees
On a burning summer hot noon..
Yonder the banks of a serene riverside
The memories widens the hood
Just like a black King Cobra.

In memory..

Beneath the stream in which my dreams flew
Opens the mouth of the blue lagoon
And turns herself pacified..

After wards…

Drifts a famine-stricken young lady’s swelled corpse
Hugged with her three tiny children
When a wildly silence lingered in the lake
Filled with lifeless bodies which cowardice me….

The stampeded face of pride and prestige
Dwelled in the lair of famine..
Now being bitten by  hungry fishes…

In my remembrance

Yet ..

The spreading aroma of your first kiss
And the sweet scenes never shrinks away…!

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